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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Working Girl, Part II

You can read Part 1 of 'Working Girl' here.

It has been two months since the last time I've talked about this particular topic and I can say without any sort of uncertainty that things have gotten better. Co-workers don't openly call me a he or him to my face (and hopefully not behind my back!) and I swear everyone in that building knows me as Julie now. I find it quite funny that the two people who interviewed me back on April 24th, 2012 (which later I found out one was the top sales manager in my company and one of the two managers in charge of my whole department) knew me only as my male name now know completely about my transition and are proud to talk about myself to others.

Let's take a trip back to April: I was at the end of my medical disability from AT&T and I just simply had to get away from that place for their transphobic attitude towards who I became. When I started working there in 2006 I was fully male and didn't come out until the second quarter of 2011 and they simply were not having it with me, in their words "suddenly showing up to work as a woman." When I interviewed at the company that now proudly has me as an employee, I still hadn't decided on what to really call myself so I went under my male name but I had my nails done, hair made up, wore a brand new beautiful pants suit and walked in my new heels with pride... during both portions of my interview I let them know that while Oklahoma has no legal rights for transgendered workers, I read their company policy online and they specifically mention that they do everything they can, even above what the law requires, to be an equal opportunity employer... I think it impressed them that I actually did research on their policies and I guess it was no surprise that I was offered the position on the spot.

I will admit that I was worried that when I wrote my last post that things would never improve but things have really turned around for me; sure, I'm not the best performer at my job (even my supervisor admitted that'll get better as I get used to the still very new environment my position requires) but even those who point out some of my flaws commend me on my persistence, my attitude, and my ability to adapt and tweak my approach at what I do every single day either with internal or external customers. Of course, I still have to use a special bathroom which my lovely HR department head said would probably no longer be required of me once I get my name changed or when I finally start hormones and they take control of my body (I literally get wet just thinking of that last part), but it's all good as the bathroom is still very much private and exclusive only for myself.

I'll let you know what's up again in another two months and hopefully things will only get better! :)

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